How Do You Cope?

Do you have trouble coping with things beyond your control? Whether

I used to be invincible

disabled, moving on down the rehab road with a Winners Don’t Quit Attitude or an athlete who still thinks they’re invincible, two absolute truths are:

  1. Living without thinking is ridiculous.
  2. Thinking without living is just as ridiculous.

For decades, or longer, self help books telling us how to change our lives by changing our thinking have packed bookstore shelves. One of the things that self help books and real life rehabilitation experiences taught me is that changing our external reality can only be done by changing our internal reality.

Inspirational and motivational books and cds proved to be a good starting ground for me by showing me what other people have done. Seeing some of the obstacles and disabilities other folks overcame, despite incredible obstacles, gave me hope in my own possibilities.

Living Until You Die

I was breathing, so I obviously wasn’t dead. I wasn’t dead, so I must have been alive. I was alive, but I wasn’t living. I was stuck in a mental quagmire of angry depression. It was like a coffin. Ferocious predators like resentment, fear, self-pity and all sorts of other negativity surrounded me.

Until I got a Winners Don’t Quit Attitude by discovering how to Live Until I Die, until I accepted and even embraced my situation, I didn’t and couldn’t know what it meant to be truly and consistently happy. If somebody is truly and consistently happy, with themselves and others, that person is winning at the game of life. That person is a winner.

Just because everything was going my way when I was 18 didn’t make me a winner, And just because I’d become disabled and nothing seemed to be going my way when I was 19 didn’t mean I was a loser.

A winner is usually happy. Why? What is it that makes a winner happy? The reasons a winner is usually happy are:

Why Winners are Happy

  • A winner knows it’s not all about them.
  • A winner cares about others.
  • A winner knows how to love and be loved.
  • A Winner has a Winners Don’t Quit Attitude
  • A winner treats other people like they’re winners too.

A set of simple steps result in one becoming a winner. For most, these steps are simple, but they’re not always easy. Some find them impossible.

The bottom line is that I’ve never met a man or woman who could think their way into a new way of living, but I’ve met quite a few who successfully lived their way into a new way of thinking.


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