Comfort Zone

Does Fear Disable You?

Persist past your fears. Find new possibilities. Pushing past your comfort zone enlarges your comfort zone.

Rejection and criticism may be uncomfortable, but they can be valuable if they’re gratefully accepted as gifts.

I learned early in my rehab journey to hunger for constructive criticism. A physical disability, or a disability in how you see yourself, can make you to feel like you’re not good enough or it can inspire you to grow and become better. If we accept it, criticism is a gift. But remember that not all criticism is valid. Sometimes criticism says more about the criticizer than the one being criticized. If it’s legitimate, criticism will help you to learn and grow. If you keep learning and growing, you will succeed.

Some rejection is inevitable, but if you accept it and persist, you will see progress. You will see positive results.


Does fear persistently disable you? Fear holds many people back. We all, to one degree or another, have fear of the unknown, of not being good enough, of failing. If we let it, fear can control us. Fear is a healthy response to many situations, but what we do with our fear can be very unhealthy. If we pile fear on top of fear, eventually we may find it easier to just forget the whole idea and do something easier but with a much smaller payoff.

Fear stems from your belief about you. Your beliefs come from your experiences and feedback from family and friends. If you have had a negative experience with something, you may fear experiencing that negative feeling again. If you have been told that you can’t do something, you might be fearful that you really can’t do it, or you may let that fear diminish your chances of successfully doing the thing feared.

Remove limiting beliefs and push past the fear by

  1. preparing thoroughly to do the thing you fear,
  2. using positive affirmations about yourself and consistently using positive self-talk to boost your confidence,
  3. surrounding yourself with people who believe in you and your ability.

Start small, and keep going. (Winners Don’t Quit!)

Don’t let your comfort zone hold you back from taking risks that can help you reach your potential. Gratefully, the more you persist and push through your comfort zone, the larger it grows and the smaller your fears get. The more you persist in pursuing your dreams, the closer you’ll come to reaching them. (Winners Don’t Quit!)

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