Christmas Gratitude

How Thankful are You?

Especially for the spiritual minded, but also for anyone at all, sincere  gratitude for the blessings we have helps us plow through feeling bad because we miss the things we don’t have. Gratitude helps us plow through fear, self pity, resentment, depression, the list goes on. When you need power, choose an Attitude of Gratitude. There’s ALWAYS something to be grateful for.

Although having a disability would not have been my first choice, having an Attitude of acceptance, appreciation and gratitude for the specific body that I have pushes resentment, self pity, anger and depression aside like a bulldozer pushing debri.

Focus on your blessings

Instead of being depressed that some parts of my body don’t work as well as they once did, I’ve learned the trick of being happy by focusing on what I have instead of what I don’t have.  Since learning this little trick, it’s become easier to be grateful that, even though my body is is unable to function as it did before my crash, the parts of it that do work are working well and I’m not in constant or recurring pain.

Be Grateful

Some life changing lessons are painful. Thankfully we can choose the resilience to get up and keep plodding forward every time we fall down and feel like quitting.
I’m grateful for many of the people who have helped me keep going. The following list is off the top of my head, is in no way complete and will be added to as additional names and other things come to mind:
Healthy and happy parents who love me and who are of sufficient spiritual depth to be able to express that love meaningful ways.
My younger brother who anybody would be proud and happy to have in their gene pool.
My girlfriend Bonnie who is quick with a smile, a laugh, an encouraging word or a well timed expression of profound insight. I’m grateful for the privilege of being someone she loves and admires.
World traveling speaker, coach, trainer Michael Buschmohle who has given me well over a decade of guidance in things pertaining to speaking, writing and sharing my experiences and areas of expertise with the world.
Katherine Peal who I met on the bus 20 some years ago and who has continually encouraged my comedic efforts
when all I had going for me was a sense of humor and the God-given Winners-Don’t-Quit Attitude that is one reason why I’m walking and joking again.
Eric Robson who has been my friend since 1986 and who has been everything from a go-to-concert buddy to a source of encouragement and inspiration as I’ve watched him hold true to his goal of creating music for the world despite having to deal with incidents and occurrences that have stopped many.
Rich Dover who worked as my agent and manager for many years and who’s keen understanding of business strengthened my chances for success by, among many other things, getting me started in the cyber world of websites and blogs.
MVP Seminars speakers bureau owner Dr. Ron Marquardt whose keen insight provided in short order, the idea and focus that years of previous input had somehow failed to do.
Howard Howell who’s business savvy and expertise in the world of social media is proving invaluable in getting me set up as the person I’ve wanted to be for decades, a true business owner and operator.
My friend Cheryl Peterson who did more for me than she had time to spare, given the great number of people who depend on her. Cheryl’s kindnesses and generosity toward me will never be forgotten.
My dear friend Mike Rock who helped me accomplish things I was afraid I never would, and other things I didn’t realize I needed to accomplish.

Freedom to Choose an Attitude of Gratitude

Most of all, I’m grate for the freedom to choose my Attitude. In the immortal words of Dr of psychiatry and concentration camp survivor Viktor Frankl:  “Everything can be taken from a man or a woman but one thing: the last of human freedoms to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

Like I said in the beginning, this list is off the top of my head and is not yet complete in the people or situations listed.

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