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Why Choose HOPE?

ChooseHope-AlFoxxHow often do you think about the far reaching power of HOPE? Most people probably don’t think about it at all. HOPE is like the air. And like the air, we usually don’t think about it unless we don’t have it.

What Samuel Jackson says about HOPE sums up why people are inspired by my HOPE Changes Everything keynote speech. Jackson says,

HOPE is necessary in every condition. The miseries of poverty, of sickness of captivity would, without this comfort, be intolerable.”

Many people face bigger challenges than I ever did or ever will, but doctors telling me I would never walk, talk or drive again did two things for me:

  1. Started the process that would lead to my education in the power of HOPE.
  2. Gave me a set of challenges that symbolically represent the myriad of challenges other people face.

Decades of testimonials show that people gain inspiration, resilience and HOPE by variations of my typically one hour HOPE Changes Everything keynote speech.

HOPE starts out as a feeling of expectation and desire for something to happen. But go deeper and see that:

 To HOPE is to dream, to plan, to aspire, to have faith.

Go even deeper and see that:

HOPE is all the work that goes into preparing for a challenging undertaking.

3 Sources of HOPE

Because my own experience with HOPE is so rich, I want to share with you three sources of HOPE:

HopeThroughPrayer-AlFoxxMY 1st source of HOPE is Acceptance gained from Meditation and Prayer. 

Many folks rely on prayer when things get tough.  Have you ever prayed to your higher power asking for help getting through a difficult situation? After my motorcycle crash, as I lay comatose, prayer provided great HOPE for my parents. Their prayers and their church’s prayers provided great HOPE for me.

HOPE thrives in community. HOPE keeps something alive in us even when a situation seems impossible. 

A 2nd source of HOPE is Believing you can reach meaningful goals.

Three of my ongoing goals are to:

  1. Walk well enough so I don’t always look like I’m about to fall.
  2. Talk well enough to be understood the first time I say something.
  3. Drive well enough so my passengers don’t wish they were either walking or wearing helmets.

I’m still not walking as well as I might like, or talking as well as I might like, and I’m probably not driving as well as you might like. But I am doing all those things better than I would be IF… I didn’t HOPE to do them even better.

What exactly is HOPE?

Life Giving Power of HOPE

In the New York Times Best seller The Anatomy of HOPE, world renowned Harvard oncologist Dr. Jerome Groopman, suggests that HOPE has life-giving power. He says patients he thought HOPEless survived because they -held – o n – to -HOPE.”

Many reject his idea that HOPE has life-saving power. They say HOPE is unscientific, a blind leap of faith.

Over three decades of rehab have proven to me that HOPE is anything but a blind leap of faith.  It’s easy to believe Dr. Groopman when he says HOPE has an authentic biology to it. I have felt belief and expectation—key elements of HOPE—affecting my respiration, my circulation even my motor function.

A 3rd source of HOPE is Caring about others.

HopeThroughCaring-AlFoxxBefore his life exploded, 28 years ago, Wayne was happily married and had a two year old child. A car crash left him paralyzed, unable to speak or swallow or move anything but his right arm and leg a little. But his brain is sharp. I met him seven years ago. Every Wednesday, I push his wheelchair around the complex where he lives. Wayne smiles and laughs during our black jack games.

When I tell Wayne that seeing him smile gives me HOPE, he flashes an even bigger smile that shows he feels empowered. I want to increase Wayne’s power by helping him feel like he can help anyone find HOPE.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best:

It is one of the beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely help another without helping himself.”

My half day HOPE workshop is best the day after my HOPE keynote. My HOPE workshop is called “From HOPE to Reality.” It’s a design for living that lays out steps that build into strategies that turn our HOPEs into our Realities.

Why do I talk so much about HOPE? — Because HOPE keeps our circumstances from defining us. By showing us the silver lining, HOPE helps us define our circumstances.

My HOPE, my prayer, my desire for all of us is that my story inspires you to tap into the power of hope.

As an Opening or Keynote Speaker, or Workshop Leader, Al Foxx will entertain, educate, motivate and inspire your audiences. Contact him for your next event.


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