We are What We Think.

openarmsPositive Attitudes are a choice, as is bondage to disabling negativity, but we can’t discipline ourselves to change and be more positive anymore than we can discipline ourselves to fall asleep.

However I can discipline myself to follow the steps my Winners Don’t Quit keynotes elaborate on. Following the steps frees me from disabling negativity and leads to a positive Attitude, emotional peace and the confidence that comes from having a positive impact on others.

My experience is that I am what I say and do. Be careful of the things you allow yourself to think. Winning the battle with my physical and mental disabilities began with how I felt about myself and others. Only when I found the key of controlling my thoughts was I able to experience joy again. In my heart, my spirit, I’ve always been a kind and helpful person, but when I was trapped in negative thinking, my words and actions didn’t show this.

Keys to Rebuilding

Discovering the details of how to use the steps showed me that being trapped in disabling negativity resulted from my  Once again, my body, heart and mind are aligned with my spirit.

Let me walk you through my steps of being a teenager who went from having the kind of life, possessions and friends most teenagers would have loved to have to having the kind of life no teenager wants to have. I woke up after more than a month in a coma to find that I was no longer the person I’d been. Nothing was the same. I didn’t know how to rebuild the life I’d lost!

The first step in rebuilding is accepting that the old is gone. Until I quit remembering the past like a long lost friend that I ached to be reunited with, I wasn’t free to build a new life. My inspirational and painful yet humorous rehabilitation journey describing the re-invention of myself as an award winning comic, nationally recognized inspirational speaker and most recently, an author changes perceptions. Parts are dramatic, but I promise you that you’ll laugh a lot and be truly inspired. The bottom line challenge that you’ll sense before it’s spoken is to focus on what you have instead of what you don’t have.

The Freedom Steps

Discovering how to use the tools of (a) Accepting the book you’ve been given. (b) Believing you can write a happy ending, (c) Caring about others showed me a happy freedom I hadn’t known.

Let Al Foxx of the Winners Don’t Quit Association give you specific steps that will keep you on a positive course even in the face of a disabling, life changing crash.

To hire Al to share his humor and inspiration at your event, or to participate in his seminar, fill out our initial  questionnaire. He’ll customize any of these  topics for your event. His book No Limits can be obtained separately or  in bulk as part of a package deal.

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