Cancer Surgery

University Medical Center

University Medical Center

Diagnosis Cancer

After carefully analyzing our cancer treatment options, my best friend Bonnie and I decided that I was most likely to have a positive outcome if we chose to go with robotic surgery.

We’ve been to several doctors who deal with cancer. If left to myself, I would have gone with the first surgeon we saw. I figured A cancer doctor is a cancer doctor. I was Wrong! Thanks to Bonnie’s loving care and her persistent search for the best treatment option we could find, I ended up being educated and choosing to go with robotic cancer surgery, which requires less tissue destruction and has a quicker recovery time than regular surgery. How glad I am for Bonnie’s care and her persistence.

Being the former long standing executive director of an EMS and Trauma Care agency, Bonnie is familiar enough with the medical community to only feel comfortable getting  and considering different opinions until we were sure we were choosing one that would be the best choice for us. I am so glad she’s on my team.

Cancer Prayer

The morning of the scheduled surgery day, we arrive at the UW Medical  Center Surgery Pavilion promptly at 5:45 AM. As we’re checking in, I get the surprise of my life. Gary Stabbert, the pastor of prayer and care at the church I’ve attended since 1999 Northshore Baptist is walking toward me with a big smile and an outstretched hand.

“Hi Bonnie and Al,”  he greets us gripping my hand firmly.

After our warm greeting, the nurse at the desk directs us to an empty office where Pastor Gary prays for my upcoming surgery and that both Bonnie and I be kept in peace during the procedure. Considering the drugs they put me on, this was pretty easy for me.

Bringing the Comfortable Numbness

I’m a bit unclear exactly what happens next. I don’t recall the anesthesia being administered. I don’t remember being wheeled into surgery. I don’t remember anything until I wake up several hours later in one of the recovery rooms where they keep the post operation patients until a regular hospital room is available.

Cancer Angel

Bonnie sitting next to me like a guardian angel is the first thing I’m aware of. What a blessing she has been to me over the past few years. We sit in the recovery room until a room finally becomes available at 11:30 that evening. I still remember parts of being wheeled to the room. Like the angel she is, Bonnie walks beside the stretcher carrying me. Her being there keeps me in a happy mood.


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