Broken Dreams

Have your dreams been broken?

Trillions of examples prove that sometimes events completely out of our control snatch away dreams and disable plans thought to be rock solid. But plenty of over comers prove that the paths to our dreams can change without killing our dream.  (Winners Don’t Quit.)

For example, student Louise Ritter, at Texas Women’s College, won three consecutive AIAW high jump championships, from 1977 through 1979. She left school for a year to concentrate on preparing for the 1980 Olympics. She finished first in the trials, but the U. S. boycotted the Moscow Games that year!

What's your dream

In 1981, Ritter won her fourth AIAW title. After missing most of the next two years with various injuries, she came back and set an American record of 6 feet, 7 inches in September of 1983. She won the Olympic trials again in 1984, but she was injured again and could finish only eighth at the Olympic games.

Are your goals high enough?

Besides disabling injuries and other disappointments, Ritter’s parents urged her to pursue the more traditional life of having her own family and working, but she determinedly pursued her Olympic dream. Stories like Ritter’s played like movies in my mind, giving me hope, as I hobbled around the block holding my cane off the ground, picking myself up when I fell.

Do You Dream On?

The dream of walking without a cane kept me picking  myself up and limping along until I reached my walking goal.  My dream of talking without using an alphabet board or repeating everything thing I said kept me in speech therapy until I reached my talking goal. How could I give up on my dreams when I read that Ritter finally won Olympic gold at the 1988 Olympics by setting a new record with a jump of 6-8? If she and other athletes can do it, so can I!

Despite disabilities and disappointments beyond her control, in addition to finally winning Olympic gold, during the course of her jumping career, Ritter’s Winners Don’t Quit Attitude powered her to become the national outdoor champion in 1978, 1982, 1985, and 1986, Ritter also won a gold medal at the 1979 Pan-American Games.

Winners Don’t Quit

Go for Gold

Ritter’s a gold medal winning member of the National Track and Field’s Hall of Fame. Why? Because she and other Winners Don’t Quit!

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