Blame Game

Destruction in Blaming Others

Blame Game is Like Poison - Al FoxxDo you blame others for your limitations, or do you take responsibility for the way things are in your life?

If you’re blaming others, instead of taking responsibility, you are locking yourself in a prison and giving the person you’re blaming the key.

Another word for blaming others is resentment. Resenting others is one of the least productive and most injuring thing you can do to yourself. Blaming, or resenting, others is like drinking a glass of poison and hoping someone else dies.

Taking Back the Key

Taking back the key is a simple process, but it involves a degree of humility and can be very difficult. Taking back the key, thereby freeing yourself from your prison, is done by accepting responsibility for where you are in life.

While accepting responsibility for conditions in your life will free you from the prison created by blaming others, accepting responsibility created a prison of regret that left me feeling miserable for many of the choices I’ve made.

Neither resentment nor regret are emotions we want, nor have to live with. The power of acceptance, which is a willingness to be satisfied, can set us free from living in a prison of negative feelings toward ourselves or others.

Overpowering Cheerleaders

Encouragement to take Responsibility - Al FoxxA cheerleaders job is to get the positive energy higher by putting positive energy out there. Life reflects back to us the emotions we exude. Whether we give off positive or negative energy, that is the type of energy that will come back to us. You get back what you give. What goes around comes around.

If they’re trusted, one way a friend or manager helps their friend or the person they’re managing succeed is by increasing their humility. Humble people are not locked in prisons of resentment, they don’t harbor negative feelings toward themselves or others and they experience and accept their cheerleaders’ encouragement.

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