Possibility Believing

Believe in Possibilities

Believing in Possibilities

Concerning possibilities, to a large degree, we set our own limits.  Learn to live with No Limits. Checking out the following view of believing in possibilities may open your own possibilities.

For me, believing in possibilities not only freed me from limits set by my disabilities,  believing in possibilities actually created many opportunities my thinking had been too small to even consider.

I still remember in the months and years following my crash, I’d take a bus to a local bookstore. Leaning heavily on my cane, I hobbled into the store and headed for the self help section. I wanted to quit feeling hopeless, so I instinctively searched for a way to believe in my own possibilities.

Believe in YOUR Possibilities

The strength I felt from reading books about the power of our Attitudes by authors like Norman Vincent Peale and Maxwell Maltz was addictive. I learned that we all have two realities: internal and external. Our internal reality determines our external reality.

At first, I was completely unaware of what I was discovering. But when I began learning about the power and the source of Attitudes, I began to consciously strengthen and purify my internal reality. For me, purifying my internal reality was a process of replacing things like Resentment, Self Pity, Fear, Apathy and Anger at the unfairness of life with things like a humble and forgiving spirit, love and tolerance and motivated self discipline-we’re all progressing in this discovery at a pace determined by our willingness and our circumstances.

Brain damage and the continuing  paralysis on the left side of my body that followed my motorcycle crash, together with my speech impairment, obliterated my self esteem, my internal reality. My self confidence and my hope in the future were gone. My hot Camaro, my fancy motorcycle and my beautiful fiance were all gone. Because I had made my living as a hot tar roofer and because I couldn’t find anyone willing to hire a paralyzed roofer, the need to do something else was paramount.

The Seven years it took me to acquire a two year Liberal Arts Degree proved three things beyond a shadow of a doubt:

  • Brain damage and college aren’t ideal bedfellows.
  • Persistence will, in most cases, pay off.
  • That even a half paralyzed person with brain damage can use persistent determination to stretch his or her possibilities.

Persistent Belief Pays Off

Believe You'll Make It

The beauty of the secret power of persistently believing in yourself, the secret that was hidden from me for so long but is known and appreciated by mature, thoughtful people everywhere, is that the secret power of persistence is equally available to everyone, everywhere at anytime.

Like Grandma Moses said, “Life is what you make it, always has been, always will be.”

Finding the extent of our possibilities is a process of eliminating our negative beliefs and increasing our positive beliefs. Like a scale, when our positive beliefs outweigh our negative beliefs, our lives improve. How good they get is in direct proportion to how many negative beliefs we let counter balance our positive beliefs.

You’ll see it when you believe it.


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