Be Stress Free

How Can You Be Stress Free?

Be Stress Free - Al FoxxWhy is stress allowed to fund such a large percentage of America’s GNP? Because the function of worry is wildly misunderstood.

Properly used, worry either helps us avoid danger or it helps us prepare for it. Worry turns destructive when it gives us ulcers. Does worry help you prepare or does it turn you into an unproductive time waster? Do you worry about things that can’t be changed?

Why does worry have such widely different results? Because imagination is misused. Imaginations have creative energy. Imagining and dwelling on negative scenarios can either create those situations or the physical results that fearing those situations can create in the worrier.

Imagination sets people apart from the animals by helping us to invent everything from cars and rocket ships to schools and sub prime mortgages. Imagination also causes problems when we  worry about things that never happen and that we have no control of anyway.

Unskilled Stress

Unskilled worry is is why stress is such a big factor in our GNP. Anti depressants, anti anxiety and anti psychotic medication producers together with producers of cigarette and alcohol owe much of their profit margins to  people’s unskilled worry. An unskilled worrier is someone whose imagination has run amok.

Not all people turn to unhealthy vices to deal with stress. With some, God, or Higher Power if you like, is like a port in the storm of life. God may be a viable alternative to drugs, cigarettes and various medications, but is God a healthy alternative to properly using our God given imaginations?

Imagine the Positive

Learning to use our imaginations and worry muscles to focus on the positive things we have instead of letting our minds dwell on problems and potential problems is a far healthier option than lazily or ignorantly letting our imaginations run amok and go where it will.

Stress Equals Focus - Al FoxxA person whose imagination has run amok is like a kayaker who concentrates on the rocks speeding by or an extreme skier who only sees the trees instead of the spaces between the trees.

Focusing on the problems we have or may have is playing with the incredible power of suggestion. Why fuel our creative imaginations with negativity?

If we focus on our problems, we’ll have plenty to focus on. If we focus on possibilities and opportunities, we’ll also have plenty to focus on. Choosing our focus, instead of just letting our minds dwell on the negative, is called Living On Purpose.

Keynote Speaker Al Foxx’s inspiring messages include plenty of humor.

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