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Will You Be a Winner or a Loser?

Winner or Loser - Winners Don't Quit AssociationThe words “I am” are potent words; be careful what you hitch them to. The ting you’re claiming has a s way of reaching back and claiming you.” – A.L. Kitselman

Do you like being on stage? Are we ever really off stage?

The stage lights hide the audience, but I knew they were there. I held the microphone the magician handed me and spoke into it. “Wow! Was he hot or what? Where’d those cards come from?” The audience applauded wildly as he made his way off stage.

The magic man had seemed to “speak” cards, as well as coke bottles and bananas into and out of existence. In a way, his act was a lot like life. We’re all magicians, but only a few of us realize the magical power we have.

It’s amazing to me that I took so long to see the correlation between what I said and what happened to me. I was like a magician – the more I said negative things, the more anger and depression popped out of the hat.

When I finally became aware of this, I spoke with my psychologist about it, and started reading books on the subject.

My Life changing discovery…

I gradually realized that I had made a life-changing discovery. I had discovered that my words – anyone’s words are like magic. Our words have the power to tear us down or build us up. Our words can tear others down or build them up.

Whether we see ourselves as winners or losers determines how we talk. And how we talk determines whether we are winners or losers.

Winners can afford to build people up. Losers, to feel better about themselves, spend their time tearing others down. The problem with tearing people down to build yourself up is that you begin to feel contempt for yourself.

The beauty is that when you say and do things to build people up – when you smile, listen, encourage, recognize and sincerely appreciate others – you feel worthwhile yourself.

It’s Your Choice

In other words, we can choose whether we want to be a winner or loser. Being a winner or a loser determines how we choose to see our life’s circumstances.

  • Do we choose to see obstacles or opportunities?
  • Do we choose to speak about our victories or our failures?

It’s up to us.

Changing from speaking like a loser to speaking like a winner took me a long time for two reasons:

  1. Winners are not negative people - Winners Don't Quit AssociationOne reason was the company I kept. I hung around with people who spoke negatively
  2. The negative words I kept speaking made me think negatively. Our words have incredible power over ourselves and others.

Some people believe that you speak the way you feel. That’s only half correct. How we feel is as much a result of how we speak, as how we speak is a result of how we feel. Sounds circular, right? That’s because it is.

I know from my experience and that of others, that we don’t speak the way we feel as often as we feel the way we speak.

The next time you feel low, try saying only cheerful, positive things to folks. You will soon begin feeling better. As  the old saying goes: “Fake it ’till you make it.”

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