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Ever Felt Changed to Unproductive Attitudes?

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Have you ever needed or wanted to start over? I didn’t want to, but I sure needed to have a fresh start?
In retrospect, my post crash Attitude was all about doing what felt good at the moment. All this would have been fine if I’d stayed 18 forever. My crash was an opportunity to shape my post crash Attitude into one that is more focused on planning for the future rather than living just for the here and now.

If you ever said, “If I could live again, I’d do it differently. I wouldn’t waste so much time. I’d really apply myself to my goals?” You’re at least a little like me.

Crashing Means Rebuilding

My crash divided my life in two. Pre and Post crash. My post crash screen was blank.  Parts of my pre crash life bled over into my post crash life, but not that all that much. My crash gave me a blank slate to write on.

Although I missed many of the material things I’d gained, like the Camaros I put a built engine into and my beautiful motorcycle, those things didn’t matter in the long term. What mattered in my new life was the type of character I developed and the sort of habits I formed. Was my new life going to be made up habits that ruled me or habits that were productive and beneficial? The choice was mine. 

Attitudes are Our Choice

In some ways I was starting over.  In other ways I was starting behind where I had been. I had all sorts of physical, mental and emotional limitations this time around. I didn’t have the tools or abilities I had the first time I built myself, but this time I had a hunger I hadn’t had before and most important, I had a mental picture of the man I wanted to be.

.My first book No Limits an autobiographical account of my rehab journey, is an account of how I realized that it doesn’t matter how many times I fall. All that matters is how many times I get back up.

.Rebuilding Attitudes Requires Directions

.Like a magnet pulls iron shavings to itself, the self help section of a local book store pulled me to a collection of books talking about the power of Winning Attitudes.

The most memorable thing I learned early on in my quest for a Winning Attitude is that the key to a person’s personality, how they behave, both in their internal and in their external lives, determines the strength of their self image.


In other words, until I quit seeing myself as a victim and a non participant in life’s great good, all I could expect to have were the things victims and non participants have.

Victims and non participants don’t have Winning Attitudes and the peace/confidence Winning Attitudes bring, and neither could I until I developed some self respect and a strong, realistic self image.


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