Attitude Seeds

Attitudes Rule-Accept It

Attitudes make us or break us. One attitude at a time we are either building castles or coffins.

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. Winston Churchill

Considering the extreme impact Attitudes  have on people, our relationships and on our chances for success in any field we go into, as well as how many doors the right Attitude keys can open, why is it that the art of growing and maintaining positive Attitudes is left to individual interest instead of being part of our formal education?

Like an earlier post’s (friendship) question of why the 3Rs of education Reading, wRiting and aRithmatic don’t include the 4th R of fRiendship, this post’s question is looking more to emphasize the importance of Attitude then to provide an answer.

Attitude Store

Maybe positive Attitudes would be more common if they could be found in the right store and purchased with a credit card. Considering the cost verses value ratio of Positive Attitudes, it could be assumed that everyone would have one. Positive Attitudes are not all that rare, but they are free, so why doesn’t everyone have one?

Planting the Right Attitude Seeds

Just like healthy corn crops come from properly planted and nurtured corn seeds, healthy Attitudes come from properly planted and nurtured Attitude seeds. Like anything worthwhile, consistently healthy Attitudes require a particular formula or set of ingredients .


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