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Your Attitude is not my Perspective

Viktor Frankl’s book Man’san image about attitude perspective Search for Meaning speaks about attitude perspective. Many books speak on the power of Attitude. They are powerful sources of insight for people dealing with disabilities, any other challenge or just day to day living.

Norman Vincent Peale’s complete understanding of Attitude gave me my first glimpse into the power of our Attitudes. Frankl’s book deepened my understanding. He empowered me by showing me a real life example of how our Attitudes are not determined by the genetics with which we’re saddled, nor the circumstances into which we’re born.

My experiences rehabilitating gave me real life experiences proving that my choices and not my genetics decide my Attitude perspective. I’ve also realized that the closer I get to mastering “living,” the easier and more freely my sense of humor participates in my daily life. The more fully my sense of humor shows itself, the easier it is to maintain a good Attitude.

Perspectives on Attitude can be Risky

A cat with a dangerous attitude

Look out!

Following certain rules is not only a key to gaining a good perspective, it also seems to create a natural result.

The rules for living a peaceful life involve behavior and thought patterns that encourage helpful and considerate interaction between one’s self and others.

Since the rules for living are what most kind and considerate people call common sense, another name for these rules could be: “How to accept life on life’s terms.” Accepting life is much easier when we realize our Attitude is the only thing we control..

Being Comfortable Not Being in Control

Since half my body is paralyzed and completely beyond my ability to control, the importance of not letting one’s lack of control add stress became quite clear.

Dr. Frankl exemplifies this as he compares human suffering to the type of gas concentration camps used to kill prisoners..The nature of gas is to completely fill any compartment into which it’s allowed, no matter the size. “Thus suffering completely fills the human soul and conscious mind, no matter whether the suffering is little or great. Therefore the size of human suffering is absolutely relative.”

Since how much one suffers obviously depends on how much rage or discontent one chooses to let into their heart and soul, the same must also be true of other emotions, like peace and joy.

Whether we’re disabled or not, the questions to consider are:

  1. How much negativity gas will we let in?
  2. How much happy gas will we let in?

I like to share this concept with my audiences while speaking on Attitude perspective.

If you have an organization or school that is looking for a humorous and fresh way to look beyond challenges and see possibilities, contact the Attitudeman Al Foxx.

Originally posted on Jan 9, 2010

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