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ExplosiveAttitude-WinnersDontQuitAssociationWhether my former blog’s obliteration was the result of carelessness or covert work of the Black Ops section of the Elite Special Forces that took part in highly sensitive, off-the-record espionage activities is still unknown.

Because it was quite extensive and because getting the identically same content is not possible, the sense of loss was deep. Much resilience was required, but this recreation project brought out the best in me by requiring me to forget the past, push into the future and remember that WINNERS DON’T QUIT!

When I began recreating my blog, it took an entirely different kind of energy than what it took the first time. Recreating this blog renewed my sense of hope and my belief in possibilities. Although much easier, rehabilitating my disabled blog is a bit like rehabilitating my disabled life. In both instances, the truth of what Grandma Moses said is abundantly clear:

Life is what you make it, always has been-always will be.”

In the months and years immediately following my motorcycle crash, I often saw myself as a disabled loser. I suffered with a serious inferiority complex until I gradually acquired the belief in myself that I needed. Here’s what happened:

I Got Help When I Needed It

Luckily, 29+ years of rehabilitation, several self image strengthening books by such authors as Maltz, Peal and Jampolsky, mentoring by world traveling speaker, trainer and university teacher Michael Buschmohle, my first agent/webmaster Richard Dover, and kind, generous insightful business man and social media expert Howard Howell, the seminars and webinars of folks like Patrick Snow and several others and of course the principles around which 12 step programs are built have helped me go from feeling like a loser to thinking like a winner.

What’s Your Focus?

One of he most important lessons I’ve learned is that:

“Winners focus on what they have not what they don’t have.”

UnhatchedOpportunity-WinnersDontQuitAssociationA winner sees an opportunity in every obstacle. Winners handle irritants, like a destroyed blog, by being thankful for the opportunity to have the experience of building a blog. (Kind of like the man who cried he had no shoes until he saw the man who had no feet.)

The “Program”, which is summed up in 12 thought and behavior modifying steps, reliance upon my Higher Power, who I choose to call God, and qualified mentors are teaching me through kind instruction and example to Focus my energy on developing what I have without worrying about what I don’t have. Motorcycle crashes come in lots of different shapes

Life is full of opportunities for everyone who realizes that an obstacle is an unhatched opportunity.

Al Foxx is an Inspirational Humorist and Author.

Click here to purchase his book “Achieving No Limits – Embracing Change”

Let Al show you how you can change your Attitude!

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