Attitude of Acceptance and Adaptability

Accepting & Adapting Improves the “Weather”

Sunny weather with an attitude of acceptance - Winners Don't Quit Assoiciation

 One way to ease the pressure of having a disability or of being around someone who have a disability is to have plenty of Acceptance and Adaptability. These qualities can make your Attitude like an easy Sunday morning in spring. The weather is warm and pleasant.

People who are unwilling to Accept and Adapt are likely to have Attitudes that have to be weathered until the storm passes. 

Another way that Attitudes are  like weather is that you have all different types.


Different people have different Attitudes and are like different types of weather.

I don’t happen to like excessively cold weather, especially when snow starts sticking to the streets. (Snow should stay in the mountains and in post cards where it belongs.)

If you’re like me and are in a partHave an attitude to adapt - Winners Don't Quit Association of the country, like Seattle, that experiences more rain than snow, the lack of  familiarity and preparation make’s snow dangerous to drive in. 

And if you limp and are prone to falling when it’s snowy and icy, like I do, than it’s easy to dislike both driving and walking in the snow.

This is where an Attitude of Acceptance and Adaptability is beneficial for all concerned.

This first became evident when Bonnie told me that she loves the cold, and hearing me complain about it made enjoying it difficult. Because my relationship with Bonnie is more important to me than how hot or cold it is, I decided that having an Attitude to bundle up, man up and be careful was a more attractive Attitude option than continuing to complain.


Be a winner by making other people feel like winners, too. Whether you have a disability or not, remember that it’s not about you. Everyone has their own stuff to deal with. Pick your Attitude weather and your Attitude battles carefully. The more accepting and adapting your Attitude is, the more battles you’ll win and the better your weather will be. I’m not saying that life is about winning and losing Attitude battles. What I’m saying is “Not being in a battle makes it easier to feel like a springtime winner.”

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