Attitude Momentum

How Has Your Attitude Developed?

Good Attitude - Winners Don't Quit AssociationWe are effected either positively or negatively by past Attitude choices. Do you make positive additions to your collection of Attitude choices?

Concentration Camps/Rehab Floors/Freedom…

Many psychological similarities mark a prisoner’s time in a concentration camp and a patient’s time on a rehab floor. Dr Viktor Frankl says that although the prisoners had longed for freedom, when the white flag of surrender raised above the camp’s gates, there were no joyous and jubilant celebrations; the most noted feeling was one of profound relaxation and relief.

The prisoners wearily walked to the camp gate. Looking timidly around them, and at each other, they stepped outside the camp a few steps. For the first time in their memory, there were no shouts of warning to get back in, they didn’t have to duck or dodge blows or kicks. “Not at all!” In fact the former guards, who were now hardly recognizable, having hurriedly changed to civilian clothes, even offered cigarettes to the former prisoners.

Importance of Attitude Momentum

The momentum of one’s Attitude and the ease with which an Attitude continues to roll along in the same vein is seen in Dr. Frankl’s description of the former prisoners conversation as they gathered in their hut the evening of the day the war ended.

One said to the others, “Tell me, were you pleased today?”

With a touch of shame as he didn’t know the rest felt similarly, the other responded “Truthfully, no!”

Dr. Frankl says, “We had literally lost the ability to feel pleased and had to relearn it slowly.”

Because the rehab patient is forced to carry their impairments, reminders of their rehab floor experiences with them, their release often marks the beginning of a different life than they’d ever lived. 

Released rehab patients often have to relearn to feel optimistic, to see possibilities and to have positive Attitudes.

The resilient human spirit

Both the former patient and the former prisoner are lucky because the resilience of the human spirit is such that, with time and patience, almost anybody can bounce back from almost anything.

 The simple keys my successful rehab journey enables me to pass on are as follows:

ABCs of Attitude - Al FoxxABCs of Attitude - AlFoxxAccept the book you’ve been given, (Live until you die.)

Believe you can write a happy ending. (Lighten up.)

Care about others. (Care about others.)

Winners don’t Quit ABCing. (No matter what!)

Of course everybody is going to define a life worth living differently. If you’re one of those people whose definition of “living” includes laughing and loving, my keynotes and seminars would probably interest you greatly. 

Keynote and Motivational Speaker Al Foxx provides thoughtful and inspiring messages that include plenty of humor.

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**originally published 10/10/10

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