Attitude Challenged

How Do You Handle It When Your Attitude is Challenged?

Attitude is power! Keep your power! It’s your choice.

MotorcycleVSAttitudWinnersDontQuitAssociateionPain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. This awareness makes it easier to have a positive Attitude regardless of your current circumstances. According to concentration camp survivor German Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl, our physical or social circumstances do not have the power to Control our Attitudes.

Choosing (and it is a choice) either a good or a bad attitude gets easier as momentum builds up and the snowball phenomena causes whichever attitude we’ve chosen to build on itself. I was one of those who had to suffer quite a while before realizing the incredible power in accepting the world on the world’s terms. Almost immediately upon accepting that I’m powerless over most of the situations around me, new possibilities began opening. As my need to control diminished, my acceptance and my sense of hope increased.

Hopeful Attitudes Find the Extent of Possibilities

MotorycycleAccident-WinnersDontQuitAssociationI’m not in any way comparing myself to anyone else…There are extremes that I can’t even imagine. My motorcycle accident was extreme for me, but some have much further to go than I did,  and some probably don’t have to go quite as far. By showing how far I’ve come in learning to accept things I cannot change, I mean only to show that until I accepted my situation and the possibility and acceptability of failure, I was so stuck in the problem that I couldn’t begin to adapt and explore my possibilities.

My beating heart pounded nails into my coffin. Why didn’t the surgeon answer? His eyes gradually rose to look me in the face as he slowly said, “You will never be able to walk, talk understandably or drive again.”

Never Walk? Never Drive?

Frantically, I pushed my paralyzed leg off the bed and tried to stand up. Why was the room tilted? I took a step with my good right leg but had miscalculated my stability and lunged to balance myself on the bedside table. But the wheeled table rolled away easier than I expected.

Next thing I knew, I’m trying to follow this table across the room, but my left leg won’t move. I take another step with my right leg, but the table won’t stay still. I’m clinging to it, trying to hold myself up, but it was a losing battle and I crashed to the floor, hitting my lip on the hard tiles. The doctor and two nurses hurry to my side. They gently lift me back into bed like I’m some kind of incompetent cripple. As soon as they turned around, I climbed back out and fell again. This time they put me back and strapped me in.

Would I cave, or would I claim the Attitude freedom Viktor Frankl spoke of,

…the last of human freedoms to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”


Al Foxx is an Inspirational Humorist and Author.

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