Attitude Authority

How to Have Attitude Authority

Does your attitude give you authority over things, or does your attitude give things authority over you?

AttitudeAuthority-WinnersDontQuitAssnHave you ever been consumed with a hunger to reach a goal that seemed like a winning option? Did you approach your goal with an attitude of willingness to take any steps necessary to prepare,  or did you let an attitude of impatience convince you that taking a shortcut was the winning option? How did that work for you? Did  the shortcut turn out to be a winning option? The last shortcut I took proved to be anything but a winning option. Winning attitudes are attitudes of authority that tend to avoid shortcuts.

Recognizing Authority: Chapter 12 of my book Achieving NO LIMITS-Embracing Change starts with Albert Einstein’s quote:

Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of the truth.

This quote sets the stage for us to understand that self control is what self development is all about.  People who don’t have a healthy sense of self have a hard time exercising personal control because they are afraid of disapproval or loss. They go along to get along with other people and often end up resenting the decision makers and the decisions they themselves went along with. In other words, they resent themselves and others.

Accountable Attitudes

SelfControl-WinnersDon'tQuitAssnOn the other hand, people who have a healthy sense of self control are accountable for the condition of their lives. They only accept helpful authorities, like positive goals for example. They don’t blame people for stuff that didn’t go as well as they had hoped. Why not? Plenty of people do hold onto all kinds of negative feelings they blame on others. People who are accountable don’t waste time playing the blame game. Whenever they encounter negative situations, they ask themselves what their part in it was. Next time they’re in a similar situation, they make advisable adjustments and continue focusing on things they will gain by changing.

Helpful Attitudes

Are the authorities you recognize good for you? Chapter 12 of my book elaborates briefly on how the authorities I learned to have in my first rehab journey, after my debilitating teenage  motorcycle crash, were key in determining how successful my journey would be. Quotations on Amazon and on my website show the value people find in my book where I  share many of of the challenges and the victories I encountered. Today, 37 years later, as I am almost a year into my second rehab journey, this time following a catastrophic stroke, I am happy I recorded the lessons I learned on my first journey. Experiencing the victorious rush inherent in confidentiality meeting challenges head on must be experienced to be appreciated and understood.

The first step in experiencing this rush of attitude confidence is realizing that something is available.  This next step was, to me, the most difficult. It involves becoming humble and patient enough to follow a strategy that is very simple but not easy. My strategy boils down into a nut shell what took me being plunged into severe physical and mental loss and a 20 year merry-go-round  of on and off restorative physical and psychiatric therapies that helped me understand and apply various attitude formulas to my life.

Please click on the title of my book to see people’s reactions, three sample chapters, the contents page, etc. The testimonies on Amazon and on my website Winners Don’t Quit describe the value people find in my book  Achieving NO LIMITS-Embracing Change It shows how attitudes of Accepting, Adapting, Believing and Caring add up to a Winners Don’t Quit “keep on keeping on” attitude. This attitude or state of mind is required to successfully rehab or reach any demanding goal

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