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Worry Attitude - Winners Don't QuitAnxiety, or the worry Attitude has a bad reputation. Why? Because it’s function is not fully understood.

Worry helps us survive by either avoiding danger or by preparing for it, but worry can also give us ulcers and  make us unproductive time wasters who worry about things that can not be changed.

Why this huge discrepancy? Because of our ability to imagine different scenarios that just may happen.

Imagination sets people apart from the animals by helping us to invent everything from Rockets that fly to the moon and beyond to sub prime mortgages. Imagination also causes problems for us by  worrying about things that never happen and that we have no control of anyway.

Unskilled Worry

This type of unskilled worry is why the worry Attitude has such a bad rep. Anti depressants, anti anxiety and antiDrugs for Anxiety - Winners Don't Quit Association psychotic medication producers as well as cigarette and alcohol companies probably owe a large part of their profit margin to  people’s tendency to be unskilled worriers. An unskilled worrier is just someone whose imagination has run amok.

Not all people turn to unhealthy vices to deal with stress. With some, God, or Higher Power if you like, is like a port in the storm of life. God may be a viable alternative to drugs and cigarettes and alcohol, but is God a band aide to use instead  of learning how to properly use our imaginations and worry muscles?

To me, learning to use our God given imaginations and worry muscles is a far healthier option than covering the concern with medication or an unintended type of relationship with someone else’s idea of God.

Skillful Imagining

Can Do Attitude - Winners Don't Quit AssociationA person whose imagination has run amok is like a kayaker who focuses on the rocks speeding by or an extreme skier who focuses on the trees instead of the spaces between the trees.

Attitude of Focus - Winners Don't Quit Association

What’s Your Focus?

Focusing on the rocks and trees or other problems we may have is playing with the awesome power of suggestion and is misusing our  incredibly creative imaginations.

If we give in to our natural tendencies to focus on problems, we’ll have plenty to focus on. If we choose to focus on possibilities and opportunities, we’ll also have plenty to focus on. Choosing what you’ll focus on is called Living On Purpose.

Keynote Speaker Al Foxx provides thoughtful messages that includes plenty of humor.

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