Anti-Negativity Attitudes

Negative Thinking Kills Positive Attitudes

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You’re the Author of Your Life

We’re all authors, when one of us encounters life changing impairments it’s an opportunity for us to not only give our fellow travelers faith in their own possibilities, it’s an opportunity for us to develop  strength and endurance. 

We may be tempted to retreat into negative thinking, but why bother? We know that trials come and go, change is constant, Besides negative thinking is not only addictive and contagious, it has a snowball effect. In other words, it will prolong the trial. Back to the snowball effect, negative thinking leads to negative speaking, which affects other people negatively and leads to living and writing a negative story. The best part about this addictive and contagious aspect of Attitudes is that positive thinking leads to positive speaking, which affects other people positively and can lead to living a positive story.

Positive Attitudes Destroy Negative Thinking.

Both types of speaking are addictive and contagious. The world is full of opportunities to feel either positive or negative. Because negative thinking is a very real and very destructive danger, I’d like to share some of the ways I stay positive.

Anti negativity Attitudes:

  1. Commitment to life… (Live and speak with integrity.)
  2. Don’t make assumptions.
  3. Acceptance… (Focus on what you have not what you don’t have.)
  4. Patience…     (Time takes time.)
  5. Discipline… (The more you put into life, the more you’ll be able to take out.)
  6. Belief in your own possibilities…   (Live with No Limits.)
  7. A will to be better…   (Put more into living without limits than you did yesterday.)
  8. Forgiveness…   (Forgive, so you can live without guilt or spite.)
  9. Sincere care for others…   (Help someone else accept their unacceptable.)
  10. Love yourself…   (Respect yourself by respecting others.)
  11. Don’t take criticism personally, find the useful.
  12. Belief in possibilities has a snowball effect..

Positive Attitudes produce positive results as sure as an apple tree produces apples.

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