Achieving NO LIMITS – Embracing Change

Read the inspiring story of victory over cancer and a paralyzing motorcycle crash proving there are truly “NO LIMITS”.

ANLNewBookOnly2Why would you, or anyone else, want to read a book written by the survivor of a motorcycle crash that left him brain damaged and paralyzed?

Because everyone faces challenges, whether it’s the loss of a loved one, a divorce, bankruptcy or loss of a job. The biggest challenge for Al Foxx was overcoming the brain damage and partial paralysis suffered from a serious motorcycle crash a week before his 19th birthday.

During early rehabilitation, Al focused on holding onto his old life. Not accepting the changes life forced on him held him back. Finally getting over the hump and accepting the death of his old self set him free to create a new identity and a new life.

Accepting resulted in adapting, which is what really set Al free. Instead of grieving what he lost, suddenly he began learning skills needed for the inevitable transformation. That process taught him the necessity of adaptability and a positive attitude. These gifts are his prize and what he offers to readers of Achieving No Limits.

Al was told by professionals in the field he would never walk, talk understandably, or drive. But he didn’t let their reality become his reality. In 1995, he began doing stand-up comedy. Winning the Seattle’s Giggle Comedy Club Laff Off in 2,000 he then decided he wanted to do more than make people laugh. He wanted people to remember what he talks about. He wants to help people believe in their own possibilities. Today he drives to his local gigs, flies to gigs all over the US and in Canada where he hobbles onto the stage.  While he doesn’t walk gracefully, he walks with enthusiasm. And he may not drive real well, but he does it legally.

Whether your challenges are physical, emotional or vocational, estimations of how far you will progress are based on the law of averages. No one can factor in the most important ingredients: your level of commitment and your Attitude toward yourself and the job in front of you. Your positive attitude will enable you to focus on what you have, instead of worrying about what you don’t have. With faith in yourself—and in the highest powers—you can have the confidence to never give up. Before you know it, you too will be Achieving No Limits.


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Aug 17, 2018 by Dawn L. Coffinberry

I was really impressed with this book. I am actually still reading it and on chapter 8 but I have a cousin who had a stroke and I felt that she should read the book as soon as possible because I think it would really change her Outlook and perspective on where she is... And it may motivate her. Al, I know we're both disabled and I have lived it and you have lived it but your wisdom is just above and beyond!

Very Motivational

Mar 29, 2014 by Howard Howell

After experiencing my own challenging brain damage (a stroke), I was having difficulty getting into my physical therapy until I picked up Al's book, Winners Don't Quit. His story about his struggles in therapy gave me that added "push" I needed to get me going. Al is a real inspiration and now a good friend that I will always cherish. Thanks, Al.

Winners Don't Quit Association 206-453-2572 12515 NE 145th Pl D-130 Kirkland WA, 98034 USA 5.0 5.0 2 2 I was really impressed with this book. I am actually still reading it and on chapter 8 but I have a cousin who had a stroke and I felt that she should read the book as soon as pos

Book Testimonials

I thought I knew what it meant to “Never quit” until I read
Achieving No Limits by Al Foxx. Al’s story will inspire you
like never before as you realize what true perseverance is and how to
toss away the limiting beliefs society and we ourselves place on our
shoulders. Choosing to accept responsibility for the abilities you
do have is the path to success. Thank you, Al, for offering so many
life lessons from your incredible life that people from all walks of
life can relate to.

~ Karen Szillat, Early Childhood Professional and Author of Empowering
the Children: 12 Universal Values Your Child Must Learn to Succeed
in Life (

This is a griping cannot put down book written by a awsome man. This book is helping me deal with my own injury very similar To this Great man who I just was introduced to. If you have not heard this speaker and comic you are truly missing out.

~ Terry Crusha

Great Book

I read Al’s book this summer when I was going through some things and it really encouraged me. I have recommended it to my family and friends because it is so well written, and has so much truth. He has his own unique perspective and it is humorous but serious at the same time. It is amazing what he has been through and how he has overcome so many obstacles yet retains a positive outlook and clear mental focus towards really living and enjoying life. It is one of my favorite books now, and I hope others will see this note and read it too. I don’t believe you will be disappointed!

~ Marion Townsend

Wish I Read Earlier

 Achieving No Limits with Attitude Powers is a book that I wish I would have read about a month earlier and shared with a friend or two. I lost a friend to suicide a few weeks back and there were SO MANY thoughts, sayings, etc. in this book that I wish I could have shared with him and his family. I heard Al’s presentation at the Healthcare User Group Conference the end of April and that was so inspiring and moving, but this book put it over the top! Al Foxx you are an amazing man! Your book needs to be in the hands of every freshman entering high school. I know that my son who is entering high school this year will be reading your book this summer. It’s unfortunate that sometimes it takes an accident like you went through to open people’s eyes to what life really is all about. God bless you, your family and friends! I feel honored and blessed to have met you, Bonnie and your lovely parents in Seattle. Please keep on doing what you are doing!
~Tanya Farling

A very motivational read

I very much liked ‘Achieving No Limits: Embracing Change’ because it was meaningful and inspirational. He went through a lot, grew strong and achieved a lot, but it is not a typical self-help book. It doesn’t tell you how to get rich and become materialistic, what I find very annoying at times about other books. It is meaningful and a step to step guidance to grow strong. How to be a good person and how to have a positive meaningful life. His tragedy is big and he was close to giving up, because the challenges were too overwhelming, but what he is today is the result of a strong mind set and a will. A vision that made him drive to success. I’m very thankful that he spends his time today teaching us from his life journey and accomplishments, that should be rewarded and acknowledged by the people. I wish him more success on his journey, with his achievements and with this book. He is someone to look up to and I’m glad that I’ve found Achieving No Limits: Embracing Change.

~ Annahita


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