Personal Responsibility

Who’s to Blame?

It’s not your fault millions of people, especially grade school students, are made to feel like outcasts by bullies.

Bullies use their superior resources to taunt weaker people who don’t fit the current idea of what society considers “normal” or beautiful. Neither you nor I are likely to engage in such immature and irresponsible behavior. But we must accept some responsibility for the social injustice of bullying if we don’t do something everyday to eliminate prejudice either in ourselves or others.

Personal Responsibility

What  can you do to help eliminate bullying, or are you one of those people who would rather sit back and read about how someone else solved the bully problem? Unfortunately, we already have enough of those kind of people. Bullying is reaching crises proportions.

Youth violence doesn’t just affect low income neighborhoods. The violence affects the health of all communities. The impact of youth violence is increased health care costs, decreased property values and disrupted social services. The Center for Disease Control estimates the cost of youth violence exceeds $158 billion each year.

What? $158 billion is a lot of money to waste. Aside from the disrupted lives of those who are being bullied, society simply can’t afford to have bullies. We need people who are willing to accept responsibility for telling folks, in a way they can’t ignore, that bullying behavior is unacceptable.

The personally responsible thing for me to do is to use my platform as a speaker/comic with disabilities speaking to corporations, schools and churches to spread awareness that this largest of all minorities will not accept being treated like we’re less than somebody who doesn’t happen to have a disability.  

People with disabilities are not the only ones being bullied. What’s your platform? Will you use it to tell people in your sphere of influence that bullying behavior has to stop? Sure there are laws in place regarding disciplining bullies and uplifting people who are weaker, but instead of using laws to control people’s behavior, wouldn’t it be better for everyone concerned if we all just began acting like we’re on the same team? 

Accepting Responsibility

When I accept responsibility to use the blessings I’ve been given to lighten, wherever possible, the burdens of my fellows, whoever and wherever they may be, my own burdens seem lighter. Whether you’re a bully or one of the bullied, whether you have visible or invisible disabilities, we’re all in this together. Whatever we do to help or hurt someone else comes around and helps or hurts ourselves. We’re all on the same team, whether we like it or not..

Doesn’t being personally responsible mean having an Attitude of Live and Let Live?

How different it sometimes seems to be from the general way of thinking in this world of lawsuits and unhealthy competition, but wouldn’t it be cool if everyone thought Live and Let Live?



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