Brief One Sheet

A few days before his 19th birthday, Al was late for a concert and sped off on his motorcycle. He never saw the pickup truck that pulled out in front of him.
Doctors said he wouldn’t be speaking, walking, working or driving.

After learning to point out letters on an alphabet board, the serious rehab work began.

Al’s driving story is a must hear.

He won Seattle’s Giggles Comedy Club Laff-off in 2000, but helping club owners sell beer wasn’t enough.

Giving humorous keynotes for the following clients shaped Al into a versatile speaker who can be depended on to give humorous insights:

  • Boeing
  • Costco
  • John Deere Company
  • Many Government Agencies
  • American Healthcare System
  • Washington Dairy Farmers
  • Various Parks Departments
  • Colleges and Universities, schools, churches, car dealerships, etc

To hire Al to share his humor and motivation at your event, or to participate in his seminar, fill out our quick contact questionnaire. He’ll customize any of these  topics for your event. His book No Limits can be obtained separately or  in bulk as part of a package deal.

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