Disability Speaker Speaking on Rehabbing Together

Speaking about Facing Challenges, Together

Thhe Power of Togetherness

Together We Can

Have you ever been forced to move from somewhere easy and comfortable to somewhere demanding and fearful?

Giving opening and closing motivational keynotes at the Together We Can Conference was a privilege and a joy as I saw a community come together with the common goal of  helping people with disabilities move from from the protected school environment to the open environment of living and working in the community. Working together, the community eliminates, or at least lessens, the fear factor.

Rehab Challenges

Not only did the event provide the immediate opportunity for educators, families, support staff, guardians, etc to participate in informative, interesting and humorous workshops and keynotes, the event also gave people with disabilities and those supporting them ideas and specific techniques for working productively and living happily in the community.

The supportive family like atmosphere at the event warmed my heart. Like watching a video, I remembered the challenges and fears that faced me, a person with disabilities, as I first moved to do what I had grown up taking for granted and what so so many “normal people” currently take for granted.

The Joy of Rehabbing Together

The best part of the event, the part that justified any relevant inconvenience, was three fold:

  1. The first part was purchasing a beautiful handmade necklace from this booth a young lady with disabilities was running.
  2. The second part came when I saw the sincerity in my soul mate Bonnie’s face when I gave it to her and she said she loved it.
  3. The final part came when I finished the day’s second keynote and saw event organizers rise to their feet applauding and appreciating what I shared.


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2 Responses to Disability Speaker Speaking on Rehabbing Together

  1. Shannon McLain November 15, 2011 at 7:24 pm #

    I was very inspired by your most awesome motivational keynote in Longview at the Together We Can event this last week :)The ABC analogy caught my attention with practical application possibilities and amazing stories that brought the information to a powerful conclusion.Thank you Al, for pushing through the dark times and finding a way to cast a bright enough light for others to boldly exclaim, “WINNERS Don’t Quit!  Winners DON’T Quit!!  Winners don’t QUIT!!!”

    Shannon McLain
    Director of Vocational Services
    Life Works in Longview, WA

  2. Al Foxx November 15, 2011 at 9:17 pm #

    Thank you Shannon for the incredible work you and your team does and for the blessings Bonnie and I felt at the Together We Can event.

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