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Can Having a Hero Help? People are starving for the inspiration to climb a little higher, even if disabling obstacles demand all they have. Look around, inspirational books and speakers, energy drinks, personal trainers and health clubs are making huge money. Motivated, goal oriented, people want to reach their potential. I want a hero  because […]

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Give Thanks Always


We are What We Think. Positive Attitudes are a choice, as is bondage to disabling negativity, but we can’t discipline ourselves to change and be more positive anymore than we can discipline ourselves to fall asleep. However I can discipline myself to follow the steps my Winners Don’t Quit keynotes elaborate on. Following the steps […]

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Broken Dreams

Have your dreams been broken? Trillions of examples prove that sometimes events completely out of our control snatch away dreams and disable plans thought to be rock solid. But plenty of over comers prove that the paths to our dreams can change without killing our dream.  (Winners Don’t Quit.) For example, student Louise Ritter, at […]

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Abilities and Disabilities

What’s Attitude Power? Understanding the power of a Winners Don’t Quit Attitude can be the difference between anxiety and acceptance, depression and serenity, life and death. (Whether you have a disability or not.) Habit Power Because of the unbeatable power of habits, both for good or for bad, I copied the following riddle from Sean […]

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