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Win-Win Attitudes

Stay YELLOW! I yelled as I sped toward the light Two car lengths still separated me from where I would turn when the light changed to red. No cars were in sight as I screeched around the corner. I took my foot off the gas and slowed to a more reasonable speed as I traveled away from […]

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Success Drive

Rehabilitation was an education in Attitude formation and the importance of teamwork. For me, a strong Winners Don’t Quit Attitude and super valuable teammates wouldn’t let the motorcycle crash that left me brain damaged and half paralyzed steal my freedom to drive.

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Attitude Challenged

Choose Your Attitude Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. This awareness makes it easier to have a positive Attitude regardless of your current circumstances. According to concentration camp survivor German Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl, our physical or social circumstances do not have the power to Control our Attitudes. (more…)

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