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Breaking Addictions - Winners Don't Quit Association

Motivational Speech on Win-Wins

Winning If you have ever listened to one of my motivational speeches, you can likely relate to the charged feeling of freedom I have after exercising and playing cards with Wayne, my quadriplegic Attitude coach. (more…) Winners Don’t Quit Association12515 NE 145th Pl D-130 Kirkland, WA, 98034 USA al@alfoxx.com, bonniemrichter54@gmail.com • 206-453-2572

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Living a Win-Win Attitude

Win-Win Attitudes get you where you want to go. Reading this without also reading my previous two Win-Win Attitude posts Win Win 1 Win Win 2 is like licking the Barbecue sauce off a nicely charred steak. The flavor may be good, but the food value is limited. There are a all kinds of Attitudes I could have held […]

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