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Another Day at the Office

Speaker on Comedy

Laughter is the great equalizer. It’s easy to like someone who makes you laugh. If they make you laugh at what was once a source of pain, your affection is doubled. And if, while laughing, you feel like they can truly understand you, is your affection turned to admiration and even trust? Winners Don’t Quit […]

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New Year Resolutions

Inspirational Resolutions Have you reflected over the last year and come up with a set of goals you want to achieve this year? Did you come up with a set of goals that stretch you and yet are not so ambitious that you can’t imagine achieving them all? Traditionally, New Year’s celebrations include a flow […]

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Thhe Power of Togetherness

Disability Speaker Speaking on Rehabbing Together

Speaking about Facing Challenges, Together Have you ever been forced to move from somewhere easy and comfortable to somewhere demanding and fearful? Giving opening and closing motivational keynotes at the Together We Can Conference was a privilege and a joy as I saw a community come together with the common goal of  helping people with […]

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