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Winners Dont Quit Attitude

Winners Don’t Quit Association has always had meaning behind its catchy name. It did take a Winners DON’T Quit attitude to rehabilitate as much as I have. Winners Don’t Quit Association12515 NE 145th Pl D-130 Kirkland, WA, 98034 USA al@alfoxx.com, bonniemrichter54@gmail.com • 206-453-2572

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Unexpected Life Changes

Unexpected Life Changes – Asset or Liability How comfortable are you with change? “Nothing heals like the power of a true story. When someone is speaking from the inside of an event, they are speaking from a personal authority that pierces the veil of darkness. On the other side of that veil lies the light of hope, for […]

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Speech on Attitude Change

Because I hated my injury, I spoke like I hated it. I was angry and sounded angry. Pessimism and negativity crowded out any positive thoughts before they could take hold. I saw problems everywhere I looked. Thinking and speaking negatively made me see my future in the most negative light possible. It was like my […]

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Self Esteem

As soon as I opened my mouth ad asked the woman behind the grocery store’s cash register how much a Snickers bar cost, I could tell fro her expression that there would be a problem. “Pardon me?” she said in a slightly louder voice than was necessary.

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