If you know Al from his books or any of his public appearances, please submit a review. (These four questions may help shape what you share.)

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3)      Will Al’s presentation change how you approach life?

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A Very Motivational Read

Aug 17, 2013 by Annahita

I liked this book because it was meaningful and inspirational. He went through a lot, grew strong and achieved a lot, but it is not a typical self-help book. It doesn't tell you how to get rich and become materialistic, what I find very annoying at times about other books. It is meaningful and a step to step guidance to grow strong. How to be a good person and how to have a positive meaningful life. His tragedy is big and he was close to giving up, because the challenges were too overwhelming, but what he is today is the result of a strong mind set and a will. A vision that made him drive to success. I'm very thankful that he spends his time today teaching us from his life journey and accomplishments, that should be rewarded and acknowledged by the people. I wish him more success on his journey, with his achievements and with this book. He is someone to look up to and I'm glad that I've found this book.

Inspiring Teenages

Jul 02, 2013 by Carrie Harris

I would give Al a very strong recommendation. He was especially inspiring to the teenagers and very appropriate. My 16 year old son said Al brought tears to his eyes.
We should have had him speak longer. He was great. The audience loved him and told me many times how much they enjoyed his talk.

Traumatic Brain Injury Conference

Jun 19, 2013 by Bonnie Richter

Al Foxx is authentic. He speaks from his heart and has learned so many valuable life lessons that resonate with anyone, with or without disabilities. He speaks a little about invisible disabilities and I believe we all have some of that to deal with in life. Al touched the hearts of so many people at the conference, ending his humorous and inspirational keynote with a standing ovation. Later, at his Exhibit Booth, he had attendees visiting and waiting for him to personally sign their books. Al took the time to listen to the attendees storys, as he believes everyone has a story to tell and needs someone to just take the time to listen. I believe that Al Foxx is an amazing speaker and inspires people to be grateful for what they have in life. He is really good.

Just What I Needed

Jun 17, 2013 by Corky Carlos

I attended the Seattle brain injury conference May 2013. Al Foxx was the afternoon speaker. Hearing him speak was more than I could have hoped for or imagined. I knew the day was special in my life. I came away with a \"new\" attitude.

Following is a email I sent AL thanking him for all the encouragement.... I think it sums up my answers to the questions listed in this review.

Mr Foxx,

I was so encouraged at the Seattle conference by all the speakers. non more than you however! Wanted to say thank you and shake your hand right after you spoke but I knew I\'d start crying and didn\'t want everyone thinking I needed medical attention or something.

Lummi Island is where I\'ve lived for the last 40 so years. 11 years ago when I was 45, a 2 foot length of 4\" cast iron sewer pipe feel off a roof and landed on my head and I have not had the best attitude since with all the changes.

Since hearing you speak, my attitude has changed for sure. Life hasn\'t, but my attitude has a ton. Thanks a lot Mr Foxx!

Read your book in less than 24 hours after the conference, then reread it again. Working hard on applying The knowledge you shared.

Many thanks friend. You Rock!

God bless, Corky Carlos

Jun 15, 2013 by Mike Manor

I recently saw Al speak at a conference in Seattle on Embracing Change. Al has a great and import message, not only for people with disabilities, but for all of us. He shows us not only by his words but his own stories that not matter what difficulties or tragedies we experience, we can come back stronger, capable and even happier. Al's delivery is very effective but the added bonus is that he's funny too. Imagine that, using humor to deal with and encourage others who affected by tragedy. I would highly recommend Al's work and message to everyone.

2013 TBI Conference May 22,2013 SeaTac , Washington

May 24, 2013 by Coni Coleman

The presentation was very uplifting and positive. Al's humor was so great that we were on the edge of our seats just waiting for the next joke. What an inspiration for my son who is a TBI Survivor of a little under 2 years.

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