Employing the Disabled

Disability Employment & “The Good Old Days”

Employees with Disabilities

Are you an employed part of the world’s largest minority, people with disabilities? Have you ever said, “Things were better back in the `Good old days?'”

Whoever thinks things during the “Good old days” were better than they are now doesn’t know what things used to be like for people with disabilities. The further back you go, the more completely people with disabilities were non participants in much of life. Since 1991, the American’s with Disabilities Act has been increasing the rights and the opportunities of  Americans with Disabilities. Things are not quite as good as they could be for people with disabilities, but everyone, especially folks who have disabilities, can see that they are moving in the right direction.

Working With Disabilities

America’s ADA law is giving people with disabilities choices and opportunities . Real progress will have been made when people without disabilities and people with disabilities are able to interact like the team-mates we have to be to have a mutually supportive society. Being employable is a huge factor in determining our attitudes, which is huge in determining our choices our habits and ultimately our destinies.

Employee with Disability

Employing the Disabled

Being employable gives anyone, but especially people with disabilities, an array of choices that weren’t available in the so called “Good old days.” Letting people with disabilities have the rights and the opportunities they deserve is a matter of comfort. Have you ever felt uncomfortable sitting next to someone with an obvious disability? Doing what is uncomfortable will eliminate being uncomfortable, so let’s move into the 21st century by enlarging our comfort zones and learning how we can include people with disabilities.

Disability Employment Education

Around 20% of the community has a disability. The need for people to be educated about people living with disabilities is growing. Sounds crazy, but at the rate people with disabilities are increasing in number, employers will soon have to at least acknowledge the needs of someone who has a disability.

The quicker we eliminate stereotypes and prejudices, the better able we will be able to interact with, serve, or perhaps be served by someone with disabilities. Discrimination and negative attitudes towards the disabled are as outdated as black and white television sets.

The closer we get to employing as high a percentage of people with disabilities as we employ of people without disabilities, the more we’ll be able to include the disabled when we say “…one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”

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