Speaking About Embarrassment

How Would You Respond?

Embarrassed - Winners Don't Quit AssociationHave you ever needed change so bad you could avoid the challenge no longer?

To go from having the kind of life most teenagers would love to having the kind of crippled life no teenager would love was a prison sentence on death row.  Until I learned to accept my new life, everything looked hopelessly bleak. Because so few people are looking to spend time with angry and depressed people, I couldn’t assemble the network of folks we all need to be truly successful.

Experience Leads to Acceptance

It took years for me to adapt, but I finally got sick of living an unproductive life of isolation. I’m not sure exactly what sequence these events came in but when I finally accepted my new life, I

  1. quit seeing myself as a powerless victim and began seeing my self as a determined survivor
  2. began seeing opportunities amongst my challenges.

The following bullet points are two opportunities I immediately began doing.

  • Open mics at Seattle’s Comedy Underground
  • Being part of a trauma center based speaking group doing accident prevention shows in local schools.

Acceptance is the Key

Seeing how my disability and speech impairment were received by both audiences in either setting was part of the education that enabled me to accept my fate. First, in the list of things I needed to do before becoming an interesting, entertaining and inspiring motivational humorist  who has shared disability and experience gained knowledge with enthusiastic audiences in a wide range of settings was to enthusiastically accept my situation. This enabled me to see possibilities instead of limitations.

Because disabling crashes come in all shapes and sizes, strategies we survivors use to adapt to life changing conditions and circumstances can be used to minimize the disruptions following smaller and more routine crashes.


If you have a group that is looking for a humorous and fresh way to look beyond challenges and see possibilities, both in yourself and in others, contact Attitudeman Al Foxx.



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