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Creating Starts with Accepting!

Building With Legos A New Life by Al Foxx

Foundations established to enrich the lives of the world’s largest minority, people  with disabilities, hire speakers who can share personal experiences of reaching the light of adapting at the end of the long rehab tunnel. Seeing others who have successfully adapted shows how to adapt.  It’s all about Adapting by Accepting.

Do you accept the life you’ve been given? Whether you have a new or continuing disability, or no disability at all, to accept yourself the way you are is the key to creating or discovering a life of motivation and peace.

When I became able to quit clinging to memories of the past and accept myself and my motorcycle crash disabled body, my Attitude improved and my eyes began seeing possibilities previously hidden.

Looking back over the past thirty years since my crash is like standing at a door looking back into a room full of experiences resulting from holding unto self destructive resentments and fears.

Finally I gently close the door behind me and experience a feeling of renewal as I face a day and a life full of opportunities. As I emerge into each new day, I do so with a prayer of thankfulness for what was, what is, and the possibilities of what this day can be made into with a healthy Attitude.

Believing Creates a Happy Ending

Ahead of me is a new life. A future full of possibilities pulls me forward, excitedly drawing me into the unknown. I’m reaching back, comfortable with the familiar. I’m curious, but also anxious and hesitant. Finally my impatience wins out and I’m falling into the future. My first discovery is that I have no need to fear. The past is over. and reaching for the future prepares me for what lies ahead.

Falling forward allows me to embrace trust. Trusting my idea of God, or a higher Power, if you prefer, allows me to:

  • Care more for all those that touch my life each day.
  • Feel appreciation for my mother and father who have always there for me,
  • Give a warm smile to the checker at Starbucks who makes sure I got the deal of the day.
  • Have a kind word for my neighbor who has suffered recently because of health issues and financial challenges.
  • Really listen to my girlfriend, who wants and needs to be understood.
  • Provide heartfelt compliments to the many mentors in my life, who actually deserve much more than just a compliment.

Finally reaching the light at the end of the rehab tunnel doesn’t mean I’ve quit growing or that I don’t need to keep growing. All reaching the light has shown me is that even when the  light of peace and love seemed a million miles away, it was never any further away than accepting my situation. I was the only one keeping the light out of reach.

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” ~Dr. Leo Bascaglia (1924-1998) Professor, Author

Caring is Creating

Positive Attitude Building Blocks.

Audience members come away from Al’s Winners Don’t Quit keynotes and workshops vowing to live according to the A, B, C’s. The A,B,C building blocks are the foundation of a new Attitude and a new life.

During the couple years leading up to Al’s teenage motorcycle crash, he had the kind of life that makes it easy for  anyone to have a positive Attitude. He literally had it all, but all of this changed after a motorcycle crash at age 19 nearly killed him. The head injury and paralysis following his crash gave him a life no one wants.

Regaining a positive Attitude seemed out of reach, until he discovered a formula that makes having a positive Attitude possible in any situation. Part of the formula includes ACCEPTING the book you have been given, BELIEVING you can write a happy ending and CARING about others.

Let Al Inspire the audience of your next event.

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