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Winning With Integrity

The most important aspect of winning is realizing that life and personal interactions rarely exemplify sporting games like football and baseball. In other words, there doesn’t have to be a loser for every winner. In fact, in life winners become winners more readily if both parties are winners. Hence the term Win-Win. Winners Don’t Quit […]

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Positive Visualization

Like a lot of people who hunger for a winning attitude, I read about the power of a winning attitude and I read and I read. Did that help me understand why I wanted a winning attitude? Yes! Did all that reading give me a winning attitude? No! Why not?

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Disability Attitude-AlFoxx

Attitude Improver

Disabilities, negative circumstances or almost anything that causes negative Attitudes can keep us from dancing. Sometimes the circumstances following a disabling event seem so completely unacceptable that a positive Attitude is absolutely crucial. It’s all about perspective. How people see themselves makes all the difference. Do they see themselves as a victim or a survivor?

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Winners DONT Quit

The doctors say I’ll never walk without a cane, but I have to walk without a cane. It’s not just about proving them wrong. I’m only thinking about how bad I want to walk. I hold my cane off the ground, determined not to let my disability hold me down, and start hobbling up the […]

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