Accept the Future

Accept the Future

Give Thanks Always

Everybody’s born with a book of blank pages. We don’t get to choose if it’s a gold embossed, leather-bound hardback, or a cheaply glued paperback, but what the pages say is up to us.

If you are a success than you know that one key to your success is accepting the book you’ve been given.

Believe You Can Write a Happy Ending

Ahead of us is a future we don’t know yet. The future is reaching for us – gripping us in its fingers and drawing us forward. We may resist. Curious, but anxious. Impatient for it to happen, but also fearful and hesitant. The future looms closer and closer.

We can either jump enthusiastically or fall fearfully into the future. People who jump will land ready to face what ever is next. Fallers assume a greater risk and must react to what ever comes at them.

Care About Others

Acceptance gives me courage to jump and allows me to embrace trust. Trust allows me to care more for all those who touch my life. My new year may start with a gentle hug of appreciation for my mother and father who have always been there for me, or a warm smile and a kind word for the checker at Safeway who makes sure I get all of the store discounts.

Perhaps this new day will start with a kind word for my neighbor who has suffered recently because of his injured back leading to financial challenges. It could also start by really listening to my girlfriend, who wants and needs to be understood.  I also see myself providing honest compliments to the many mentors in my life, who actually deserve much more than just a compliment. I look forward to my future, which I know will be filled with more love than ever before.

Seeing what can’t be seen

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” ~Dr. Leo Bascaglia (1924-1998) Professor, Author.

Then of course there’s the millions of volumes that have been written about God’s ability to turn our meager plans into more than we had even dared to imagine.

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