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Al Foxx is a powerful, courageous and honest author who takes you through an incredible and inspiring journey of self-discovery and leaves you with a feeling of gratitude and self-awareness. His book, “Achieving No Limits” is insightful, educational and a must read!” Sherin Sherkat, Psy.D. (Parent Strategist) Founder of Create Happy Kids:

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Success requires a steady focus on the positive.

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Attitude Strengthening Tools

Powerful Attitude Strengthening Tools…

That Can Give You Confidence and Sense of Purpose

Recovery-WinnersDontQuitAssociatiomMotivational speakers and educators like Tony Robbins and Wayne Dwyer are great for helping ordinary people understand and accomplish extraordinary things. If you’re in early recovery, you’re not ordinary and probably not ready for the extraordinary.

Twice I have needed to draw on Attitude Strengtehning Skills.

I’ve been in early recovery twice, too busy relearning to walk, talk, and do self-care to worry about doing anything extraordinary. Hundreds of thousands of us are dealing with the disabling results of a motor vehicle accident, a stroke, or other disability, and even doing the ordinary is beyond tough. If you’ve just joined the world of disabilities, welcome aboard. This is a preview of my new podcast Chronicals for people with disabilities…these Chronicles are for you.

Have you ever said, in reference to a traumatic situation, “It will never happen to me?” I used to think and speak that way, but no one is exempt. Life altering incidents can happen to absolutely anyone. We survivors often face years, or a lifetime, rehabilitating from life-altering conditions. Whether dealing with actual trauma or a smaller, more common ding to our peace of mind, it’s easy to suffer more than our situation warrants.  It took a while, but I finally realized on a heart level that what happens to us doesn’t matter nearly as much as our reaction to what happens.

Handling Things

As a teenager, when a motorcycle crash left me brain damaged and paralyzed on my left side, I endured several years of shock, bitter anger, loneliness, apathy and self-pity before adapting to the changes facing me. If you apply yourself to learning and applying the tools I offer, you will save yourself a ton of time by skipping over much of the pain that typically follows trauma and you will find the strength of having a calling…being on a mission.

PostStroke-WinnersDontuitAssociationHaving a noticeable disability or challenge puts us on stage. People notice how we handle day-to-day things.

I can confidently promise you that to the degree you are able to follow the rehab-attitude map I followed and that I’m laying out, you will find the confidence and sense of purpose I found, and that will make your journey easier. Thirty-six years after my crash, at age 55, a stroke left my other side, my strong right side, severely weakened and me with almost no stamina.

Luckily, I retained, from my first rehab journey, my awareness of my attitude’s potential to affect how livable and enjoyable my life is.

ToolsAnSteps-WinnersDon'tQuitTools and Steps

If you are facing a situation that’s mind numbingly difficult or just an irritant that won’t go away, I am so glad you are here with me now, because I have for you the attitude strengthening tools I acquired decades in my first rehab journey. I know these tools work because they have given me peace and confidence from the very beginning of my second rehab journey.

The beginning’s the toughest part. It gets way easier if you follow certain steps.

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